Laser Pro Cylinder Assembly - Premium Nikasil Fits Husqvarna K760II / K770 Replaces 581 47 61-03 // 51mm
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Lasers line of premium Nikasil coated cylinders are engineered and manufactured to provide optimum performance. The coating process employs scatterplot & pore type nanoscale electric ceramic sedimentation, giving firm sedimentary film on the cylinder bore. Evenly distributed micropores on the bore surface improve lubrication, heat dissipation and heat usage. Cylinder blocks are machined from a light-weight aluminum alloy with a heat dissipation performance 42% higher than metal, with the additional benefit of reducing overall engine weight.

  • Extended engine life
  • Reduction in fuel consumption (up to 15%)
  • 50% reduction in cylinder pollutant’s
  • Improved performance with better acceleration
  • Increase lubrication in cylinder bore
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