How do I place an online order?

Browse our products in categories by hovering over the interactive buttons in the orange navagation bar. Or you can use our “Search” tool and enter in a product number or key words. Once you’ve identified an item you wish to order, enter the quantity you desire in the QTY box. Clicking “Add to Cart” puts the item in your shopping cart. In your shopping cart, you’ll see the item numbers, item names, unit prices and calculated totals clearly displayed. Once you’ve submitted your order you’ll receive an email confirmation to let you know we’ve successfully received your order.

How long is a credit good for?
Credits are held for a 12 month period only. Please ensure they are used prior to the 12 month deadline.


What is an OEM part number?
Original Equipment Manufacturers’ part numbers are used for identification of parts only. Original Equipment Manufacturers’ names are used only for reference purposes. The references in this catalog to Manufacturers along with references to the Manufacturers’ trade names, trademarks, drawings, colors and part numbers, are for the purpose of identifying Cutter’s parts which may be used in lieu of corresponding parts made by the identified manufacturers. All parts in this catalog are sold by Cutter’s Choice.

The parts listed on this web site are designed for specific use in certain makes and models of lawn and garden equipment as described herein. However, product specifications change frequently as do OEM part numbers. The user is at all times responsible for determining suitability of the product for the intended use. No one should attempt repairs when not familiar with safe repair practices and the equipment being repaired. Cutter’s Choice will not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage arising out of the misuse, abuse or misapplication of our products.


Do you offer product liability insurance?
As a manufacturer, Cutter’s Choice has always carried Product Liability Insurance on products that we produce and sell. For a copy of our Certificate of Insurance, contact our local office.


Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Cutter’s Choice warrants its parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Liability under this warranty is limited to replacement of parts or refund, at our option. This warranty shall not apply to any part which, in our sole judgment, has been subject to misuse or improper installation. Warranty items must be shipped back to us prepaid.


What happens if an item I order is back ordered?
We have a $25.00 minimum on back orders. Back ordered items will be held for a period of 90 days. All back orders that we are unable to fill after 90 days will automatically be cancelled. If you prefer no back orders ever being held for you, please let us know and we will always cancel your back orders.


Is there an minimum amount I need to purchase for an order?
We have a $25.00 minimum order. Please keep in mind our cost of processing small purchases and order accordingly.


Why is an item more than it was last time I referenced it?
We are constantly searching for ways to hold prices down and offer quality parts at competitive prices, but sometimes prices do change. We try to notify all our customers before any such changes are made, however prices may be changed without or before notification. If prices are not agreeable with you, you may return the merchandise in question to us for credit.


Do you offer terms?
New accounts are always welcome. Open terms are available to government, tree care and landscape customers with credit approval. On our credit application, please be sure to provide us with accurate, complete mailing and shipping addresses, phone and fax numbers.

Customers with approved credit applications in our files are allowed net prices if payment is mailed within 30 days of invoice date. A 2% late penalty is automatically added to the amount due of any invoice over 30 days past due. Invoices over 60 days past due will place your account on hold and no shipment can be sent until the account is paid.


How do I measure a blade?
A. Length: Measure diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip
B. Width: Measure widest part of blade
C. Measure center hole
D. Measure center to center distance between outer holes


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